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  • The disinfection ingredients address the drug resistance issue

    Effectively and quickly kill human-related coronavirus and various drug-resistant viruses as well as bacteria including H1N1 influenza virus

  • Efficient disinfection ingredients with mild performance

    Non-irritating and non-corrosive

    Widely used for disinfecting surfaces and confined spaces of various objects

  • Stable and environmentally friendly, green disinfection ingredients

    The active ingredients are practically non-toxic and protect human health

  • Disinfectant ingredients that provide long-lasting care

    Form an effective anti-virus protective film on the surface of the object

    Provide a long-term protection up to 7 hours

  • 1. Compliance with, health, AS9100 and many other industry standards

    2. Over 20 items of test reports on the effectiveness of inactivation of various types of bacteria and viruses

    3. Obtained the European Union and the United States quality certification of disinfection and sanitation products

    4. Sold to Japan, Australia, Singapore, the United States and other countries